Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific Tourism Development.

The explosion of global tourism together with the ever changing face of international globalised business, emergence of new markets and changes in global economies ensures that tourism operators must fine tune their organisations in shape for the demands of a changing tourism market. Over the past 20 years both Australia and New Zealand have gained global exposure from major sporting events and high profile films, economic strength each which have gained world attention, unprecedented in South Pacific terms. These events and new global order have served to complement existing travelling population with differing motivations.

In key Western European markets & North America there are huge challenges that effect both the travel industry and the travelling public. However whilst both markets remain strong they are now challenged by the emergence of new Eastern markets and the sheer numbers present.

Pacific Downunder strategic tourism business development or tailored product representation for focused tourism operators will prove to be an intrinsic step to meet these and many other future challenges that our industry faces!

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