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Pacific Downunder established in Switzerland as a destination marketing and product representation firm by the Haslop family in 1996. As the company grew in 2001 we created Australian Pacific Lodges, which became the owner of Mungumby Lodge and the 100 acre nature refuge it sits within. In 2019 we created Real Estate Downunder a Realtor of Tourism Assets. We are driven to create outcomes in four key areas that deliver results.

Tourism marketing, Tourism management,
Tourism development, Tourism distribution.

The mighty True North by North Star Cruises Australia

The explosion of global tourism together with the ever changing face of international globalised business, emergence of new markets and changes in global economies ensures that tourism operators must fine tune their organisations in shape for the demands of a changing tourism market.

Over the past 20 years both Australia and New Zealand have gained global exposure from major sporting events, high profile films and economic strength, each which have gained world attention, unprecedented in South Pacific terms. These events and new global order have served to complement existing travelling population with differing motivations.

In key Western European markets & North America there are huge challenges that effect both the travel industry and the travelling public. However whilst both markets remain strong they are now challenged by the emergence of new Eastern markets and the sheer numbers they represent.

Tourism Marketing

PDU Marketing today is our Media arm. It is a strategic tourism business development company for focused tourism operators. Pacific Downunder marketing ensures tourism products are featured in all aspects to the best their ability. Integrated media assets in Adobe Creative Suite ensures the highest of standards are maintained for print media or online. Today’s world requires any product presentation to be at an inspiring premium level over all device types, to grow your products online edge through web, social media or traditional distribution.

Tourism Management

Australian Pacific Lodges, occupancy, operating %’s, cost of goods, forward planning consulting is another of our specialties. With a knowledgeable background and vast previous experience in accommodation, food and beverage, transport, marine and soft adventure we make things easy in tourism. Australian Pacific Lodges is our trade mark and operational consultancy platform in this field.

Tourism Development

Real Estate Downunder is soon to be a realtor specialist in tourism, rural business and private estate sales, acquisitions or development AUD$1-10 million. Real Estate Downunder focuses on bridging the gap between today’s sellers with tomorrow’s buyers by instilling confidence in both parties through the sales process and beyond. Beyond through distribution, sales activities and if required Australian Pacific Lodges management & transition assistance. Our priority is to ensure your property’s occupancy is strategically planned, leased well and performs to your investment needs.

Tourism Distribution

@ Pacific Downunder we orientate our aims to the requirements of the market, which in these challenging economic times is essential for growing sales and sourcing new distribution channels. In our search for the better solutions we have in view one main target; to be able to eff effectively increase yields for both the tourism product operator & wholesale travel distributor.

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Hamish Haslop | Director Business Development