Cooktown 2020 | 250th Anniversary of Captain Cook

In 2020, Cooktown, Queensland, Australia will celebrate our shared history in the spirit of reconciliation on the 250th anniversary of Captain Cook’s sojourn in the mouth of the Endeavour River. They invite you on a voyage of discovery through the events that shaped the history of our nation. Inspired by the history of the encounters between the Europeans and Australia’s first peoples, they will work in partnership to educate and inspire individuals and communities and build a stronger future through a greater understanding of past events. Cooktown 2020 is a 48-day festival commemorating the arrival of James Cook 250 years ago, the scientific discoveries that were recorded during his 48 days on shore and the interactions that occurred between the crew and the Guugu Yimithirr people. The people of Cooktown welcome you to get on board and share their stories.


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