Great Barrier Reef waters cooling

Over the past week a huge amount of rainfall has occurred over Cape York and the northern sections of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. The sheer volume of water has been more than most countries annual average. This is an annual event marking the start of the Monsoon and this year has witnessed higher rainfall than the past few years. The rain falling into the World Heritage Rainforest and well out into the dry country has purged the Cape York ground clean of it leaf litter, dust and the past 12 months fallen vegetation. The rivers are roaring and almost all of this water heads down stream and into the Coral Sea or west into the Gulf of Carpentaria. Coming with it are all the baby fish breeding in the mangroves who use the murky water as camouflage for their escape to the ocean. The huge cloud cover and soaked earth has caused air and ground temperatures to drop significantly. The same has happened at sea as the incoming fresh water dropping directly into the ocean as well as the outflows from the land cool the surface waters over the Great Barrier Reef. This is a significant annual event that helps corals recover or grow after the November spawning and reproduction period.

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