Client Reviews

“Hamish, although I haven’t been in touch much, with Ross Keating as primary contact. I’ve kept an eye on goings on, and have always read your reports with interest. I’ve loved the opportunity to meet you, work with you these past years and have you representing Interislander NZ in UK/Europe. You’re fantastically spirited, fun and thoroughly professional individual in whom I’ve always had the greatest confidence will sell our products well and treat our brands with respect and passion they deserve”

Peter Monk – Director of Sales
Interislander | New Zealand.

Hamish and his team at Pacific Downunder provided GSA services to Interislander (NZ) when I was Sales Manager. His detailed knowledge of the markets, structured representation program plans and relationship with Key players was fantastic.  He and his team delivered fantastic value. Hamish is does what he says he will do and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Ross Keating – Sales Manager
Tranz Scenic & Interislander | New Zealand

“I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Hamish Haslop and Pacific Downunder. Hamish knows the tourism industry inside-out and he is highly regarded both as a representative and as a supplier. I found his acumen and advice to be of the highest order and, his knowledge spanned both domestic and international markets.

Perhaps more important than anything else. I greatly appreciated the responsive nature of Hamish’s management style. Hamish is a great listener, he is only too happy to let the client do the talking! He is very proactive when it comes to client input – he goes the extra mile when it comes to understanding client’s needs and then, he makes sure that his approach 100% fit the client’s needs. On top of all that, Hamish is an extremely personable fellow and great fun to work with! You can’t ask for much more!”

Peter Trembath | General Manager
North Star Cruises Australia

Over the past four years Hamish Haslop of Pacific Downunder has undertaken the task of Project Manager for the Explore Cooktown regional tourist publication. During this time he has successfully delivered a tourism information booklet of the highest quality in a timely, professional manner. He has also single handed maintained the Explore Cooktown distribution and Social Media which complements our region with seasonally chosen highlights to expand our seasons and promote our unique events.

The Explore Cooktown booklet is the Cooktown Chamber of Commerce & Tourism’s biggest annual project. In this production each year, Hamish has helped strengthen relationships within our business community and helped champion rural and remote issues with Tourism & Events Queensland.

On behalf of the Cooktown Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, we wish to thank Hamish for his passion in this role over the years and massive contribution he has given to help promote our region

Mick Davies

Hamish you have been so committed around this Explore Cooktown project you should be very proud of your achievements in a very challenging environment.

Gary Aylward
General Manager, Business Development
Paykel Cairns

 ‘Thank You’ for all your efforts on our behalf over the past 10 years as well as your friendship and hospitality. I know that you efforts have been an integral part of our companies evolution.

I truly hope that the end of this business relationship doesn’t mean that we will lose contact with you that we can still maintain the friendship with you both that both Gail and I value highly.

I wish you every success for your future endeavours and if I can be of any assistance to you I’m more than happy to do so.

Rod Punshon
Managing Director