Australian Pacific Lodges

Australian Pacific Lodges, is a tourism management company. Our focus and commitment in accommodation is to offer clients not just a bedroom, but a total environmental experience and stay. Rooms, food and beverages,  tracks, waterfalls and ambience are all part of the experience. In depth-touring options to the surrounding region are available through local accredited operators allowing clients too fully experience our regions history, intricate ecosystem and Aboriginal culture. All tours offered are operated with an environment first strategy.

Australian Pacific Lodges is set on developing in a sustainable manner a group of environment experience lodges in Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific. All will be smaller properties offering unique regional experiences, Mungumby Lodge is the first and only property until 2020-21. The family company boasts over 30 years of local Far Tropical North Queensland experience. The organisation is 100% committed to client satisfaction through experiential travel opportunities as well as maintaining its impeccable satisfaction rates and surveys. These properties will be for special interest and active clients as well as families on pursuit of an educational holiday away from their daily stress. Get off the grid, ditch the gadgets, relax and listen to the bird song or get active, it’s up to you!

Mungumby Lodge, Cooktown

In today’s material world, discerning travellers search for genuine experiences that typify the country or region they are visiting. At Mungumby Lodge on Cape York just south of Cooktown, we offer a genuine Australian experience where the simple things count. Mungumby Lodge is a boutique private wilderness retreat and nature refuge located on the northern edge of the Mangkal-Mangkalba National Park (formerly Cedar Bay N.P)) (The Greater Daintree) which surrounds two of the properties boundaries. The lodge also boarders the famous Black Mountain (Kalkajaka) a 260 million year old rock formation.

This area is a group of primitive rainforest listed parks by the World Heritage Commission as one of the earths most unique and valued assets. An area of high cultural significance to the Eastern Kuku Yalanji people. Here lies a magnificent collection of botanically diverse landscapes and ecosystems including tropical rainforest, animals, birds, and mangroves, which possibly excels that anywhere else on the continent.

Scenic Flights from Mungumby Lodge, Cooktown to Lizard Island

Once settled clients will have the comfort of knowing that you have chosen the perfect base to explore Far Tropical North Queensland’s most pristine landscapes. From the Great Barrier Reef coast to Lakefield NP, Archer Point, Little Annan River Gorge, Cedar Bay (Mangkal-Mangkalba), Laura and the Quinkan Country, Hope Vale, Bloomfield falls (Wujal Wujal), Black Mountain (Kalkajaka), Daintree and Cape Tribulation this region provides a world of unique soft adventures.

Clients who stay at Mungumby Lodge more often than not, also stay at Rose Gums in the Atherton Tablelands, Silky Oaks Lodge near Mossman, Lizard Island on the Great Barrier Reef, Thala Beach Nature Reserve near Port Douglas or Jabaru Safari Lodge on the Mareeba Wetlands.

Mungumby Lodge